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    Alpha Course

    Ever asked yourself, ‘Is there more to life than this?’, ‘In today’s modern society, why do Christians still believe what the Bible says?’ or ‘Did Jesus really die and then rise again?’ Then Alpha is for you.

    The Alpha Course Promo from UK ALPHA COURSE on Vimeo.

    The Alpha Course consists of a series of weekly talks addressing key issues relating to the Christian faith in a relaxed atmosphere, where you can ask questions and explore its claims without being judged and with no strings attached. A typical  evening follows these lines:

    • A meal or some food together at the beginning of each session so people can relax and become acquainted with each other.
    • A short talk after the meal explaining a particular aspect of the Christian faith.
    • A small group discussion follows where you can ask any related question, listen and learn.

    Who is it for?

    • Those wanting to investigate Christianity.
    • New Christians.
    • Newcomers to the church.
    • Those who want to brush up on the basics. ‘

    How much does it cost?

    It is free! However, if you wish you can make a donation towards the costs but you are under no obligation.

    How do I sign up?
    If you want to know more or wish to book your seat on the next course contact us.

    If you are not from around Doncaster you can find a course near you at