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    Who are we?

    The Church
    Established in 2004 with only a handful of people, Gateway Church Doncaster has grown to become an ongoing force in the town. Though small, it is a church with a big vision.

    • It is God centred, Bible based and Spirit filled.
    • It aims to be a church full of people seeking God on a day-to-day basis.
    • It is a church that finds what people are good at and enjoy doing, and enabling them to do so in order to glorify God.
    • It is a church that intends to grow steadily, but have a strong impact on the lives of the people of Doncaster.

    The People
    Gateway Church Doncaster is made up of a number of different people, each with different backgrounds, occupations and levels of understanding of Christianity. But we all meet for that one and most important of reasons; to glorify God.

    We are a people who come to meet at the end of a busy week to spend time with God, to spend time with each other and to show our love for both. We are a church of people dedicated to spreading the word of God through various means.

    We are a people of many different abilities. Some of us preach God’s word, others play instruments. Some network and create links with businesses while others welcome visitors. Some of us play football and meet for a drink, while others of us hold events for charities. And then there are some of us who will sit and listen to you when you struggle, and who will help you out when you’re stuck.

    We are a group of people with all sorts of gifts and talents and we use them to help others and to glorify God. After all, it was Him who gave us these gifts.