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    On Sunday mornings we meet together at 10:30 to meet with God as a community.

    After the notices we usually spend half an hour or so in contemporary worship. As well as bringing our praise and worship to God, we expect to hear from Him, and so members of the congregation will often pray or bring contributions.

    Our children stay with us during the worship, and are free to sing or dance if they would like. Then our children’s team will take them out for activities suited to their age.

    After worship, a church member or visiting preacher will come up to the front and share the word of God with us. This leaves time at the end for tea and coffee,a chat, getting to know new people and reuniting with friends.

    The service is usually finished around 12:00 and the drinks around 12:30.

    Sundays are a chance to forget about the trials of the week, bring life’s troubles and challenges to God, and focus entirely on Him with like-minded people.

    Dress is informal.