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    About Us

    Gateway Church is a group of people who love to be together on a Sunday morning. We enjoy friendship, experiencing God’s presence, worshiping Him and hearing from Him. We also meet in mid-week community groups. If you live in Doncaster there will be one near you!

    We are a church for those who are interested in more than just outward religious activity, but are thirsty for the real thing: a relationship with the living Lord Jesus Christ.

    We believe that because of his love for us, Jesus was nailed to a cross 2000 years ago to take the punishment we deserve for our wrongdoing. Then God the Father raised him from the dead, showing that anyone who decides to trust in Jesus can be forgiven, have a new start, and find His help in the challenges of everyday life.

    We believe the Bible is God’s word, relevant to us in the 21st Century.

    We enjoy the supernatural power of God day by day as individuals and as we meet together. God has given us a love for Him and for each other – a love which you too can experience as you visit us.

    Gateway is part of Newfrontiers, a world-wide family of churches working together to make Jesus Christ known in the UK and across the nations.